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Planning a visit to Columbus, Ohio? There are several things you definitely don’t want to miss as a tourist. Find out what you should do while staying here!

Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

This beautiful garden is open every day, providing fresh air and a gorgeous view of a horticultural conservatory. Different exhibitions are on display for 2 months, and currently, they are displaying Waning Light and Orchids until March 3, 2019. It’s a top must-visit location for tourist! An admission fee is charged upon entry at $19 for adults up to 59 years old.

Book Loft of German Village

There is no better place to feel lost in than a book loft designed like a maze that entrances you with every kind of book there is to read. Finding the books that you want is almost challenging, but it’s what every bookworm wishes for – a place so crowded with books that it would take hours just to scan through the shelves and be distracted every now and then with interesting titles that bring you to a whole new world.

North Market

Lately, no trips can be called successful if you haven’t tasted the wide-variety of cuisine offered in that area. The North Market in Columbus can be seen as the representative of budget, delicious food market of Columbus because it is that good. From sushi to marshmallow waffle, unleash your desire here.

The Ohio State Fair

Established in 1850, the Ohio State Fair is one of the oldest Fairs in the states and it used to travel from district to district for 30 years to “bring the Fair to people”. Now, the Fair stays in Ohio and opens every Summer for about 10 days. Last year, they were open from July 25 to August 5, 2018.