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There is nothing like a good drink in a dive bar or fun times bowling with your friends. Perhaps, indulge in giant beer pong or enjoy a single night while sipping away on your favorite cocktail mix.

Pins Mechanical

It’s the place to go if you are with a group of friends who are looking forward to having fun in the afternoon through evening time. The place is very spacious and provides games like big Jenga, beer pong, and food trucks are available (check them on their site to see what’s selling right now). They provide craft beers, mixed drinks, and variants of Wells.

Beck Tavern

Some places are fun, but they are not always exactly pocket-friendly. If you want a budget place to drink, but still would love to enjoy a friendly atmosphere, this dive bar’s happy hours start from 2 pm to 7 pm. Get your Wells for $2 and domestics for $1.75.

16-Bit Bar + Arcade

The name itself tells a lot about what you can expect when coming here. You get to enjoy free arcade games here, all of which are classic and the place you want to spend the night feeling nostalgic and brag about winning the rounds. Drinks are reasonably affordable with cocktails ranging around $8, and the bar opens from 4 pm.

Two Truths

If you are looking for someplace with true art and craft in cocktails, Two Truths is the right place to go. They provide only the highest quality ingredients for their cocktails and are especially famous for their Marie Antoinette. They have the spirits that live up to your taste and what’s better is that you might want to get their special drinks and know the story behind the shape of the glass!